Mindfully Curated is a wellness experiences that comes to you.  

Take advantage of On-Site Wellness & Virtual Wellness  Experiences. 



Todd and Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay try out a yoga class taught by Mindfully Curated's CEO and Founder, Melissa Kaufmann

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Classes, Events, Workshops, Retreats and Curriculum

  • Yoga and Wellness Events at The Quincy Apartments

  • Rhythmic Cycling & Stretch at Griffis 3100 Pearl (Boulder)

  • Weekly Yoga at The York On City Park

  • Bi-Weekly Yoga at The York On City Park

  • Weekly Yoga at CODA

  • Bi-Weekly Yoga at Premier Lofts

  • Bi-Weekly HIIT at Premier Lofts

  • Weekly Yoga at CA Technologies (Denver)

  • Bi-Weekly Yoga at CA Technologies (Boulder)

  • Yoga and Mindfulness for the Workplace Workshop for OpenTable

  • Corporate Yoga Classes at Blue Moon Digital

  • Corporate Yoga at Genterro, Interior Design

  • Weekly Yoga and Mindfulness at Steele St. Preschool

  • Mindfulness Curriculum to K-5 for C3 Denver Public School

  • High School Yoga for William Smith High School

  • Silent Auction Yoga Donation Great Create

  • Non-Profit Yoga for Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Community Group

  • Non-Profit Yoga for Puerto Rico Benefit Rally

  • Private Small Group Yoga at Red Rock Amphitheater

  • Silent Auction Yoga Donation Pink Party supporting Planned Parenthood

  • Silent Auction Yoga Donation Spring Tea supporting Opera Colorado

Events and Workshops


Custom dates and times available for on-site and virtual individual, small groups and large groups for Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Pilates, Personal Training, Massage, Facials, Financial Wellness, Nutrition, and more.  All ability levels can be accommodated. Classes, events, keynote talks, workshops and retreats are taught by a network of highly qualified teachers world-wide.  

NEW! Now offering HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and SPIN


Mindfully Curated On-Site Wellness Experience come to you on-site where your live, work and play.  Think office wellness, wellness in your living space, and wellness anywhere you can dream up.

On-site spa services available.  Contact us for details. 


Mindfully Curated comes to you virtually where you live, work, and play. Our Virtual Wellness Experiences use technology to connect and support you on your wellness journey.  Think of us a a virtual yoga studio and meditation center. Improve your health, reduce stress, and experience tranquility right where you are. Enjoy private virtual sessions from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home, office, in nature, or hotel room. 


Melissa Kaufmann, CEO and Founder
Sarah Silvas-Bernstein (Yoga, Qoya & Spin)
Noelle Burger (Yoga and plant-based nutrition)
Elise Edson (Yoga)
Stephanie Tribbey (Yoga)
April Gallo (Yoga and mindfulness)
Megan Hennesy (Yoga and yoga fashion)
Kelsie Rose Christian (Yoga and nutrition)
Erin Bales (Yoga)
Jamie Kuttenkuler (Yoga)
Meghan Lucas (Yoga and Pilaties)
Charnele Ramphal (Yoga and Art)
Bailey Johnson (Yoga and Non-Profits)
Wren Schuyler (Yoga and Low Waste Living)
Bailey Johnson (Yoga and Theater)
Megan Connor (Yoga Nidra and Massage)
Kaleigh Kingston (Massage)
Tom Kaufmann (Financial Wellness)
Kristina Kaufmann (Financial Wellness)
Carmen Laronn, M.D. (Beauty and Wellness)
Ananda DeMartini (Ayurvedic Nutrition and Wellness)


Melissa and her team have been a pleasure to work with. Recently, with help of Mindfully Curated we hosted a Yoga and Sound Bath event for the residents of a luxurious apartment community in downtown Denver. Melissa led a gentle yoga class that guided our yogis to set the intention for the Sound Bath session, where the healing sound of instruments washed over the attendees in a tranquil setting. Melissa and her team are very accommodating and flexible. They will make sure that your next workshop or yoga class fits your vision perfectly to leave everyone satisfied.
— Oksana McCollum, Community Outreach Specialist/Event Director at The Quincy (NFC Amenity Management) (10/2018)
Melissa, the owner of Mindfully Curated, came to our office to lead us in practice. Since we have varying levels of experience in the office, she talked to us about what to expect from the class, took the time to adjust students’ poses and lead us in a short meditation.
— Lauren Bates, Marketing Manager and Lead Storyteller at Blue Moon Digital, Inc.
Melissa or one of her instructors teaches classes on-site at work once a week! This is such a great thing to do during the day. She often seeks feedback as to what we are looking for on any given day and then tailors the class. The classes always seem well planned and accommodate various skill levels. This is a refreshing break that many look forward to and does help increase productivity and satisfaction.
— Laurie (Laura) Linz, Software Developer/Tester QA at CA Technologies
Mindfully Curated helped us start our day the right way through many of us experiencing yoga for the first time. We learned quite a bit, while feeling refreshed and engaged throughout our offsite meetings.
— Jeff Jones, Director of Enterprise Sales at OpenTable

"Smile, Breath, and Move Slowly" Thich Nhat Hanh